About Kim's Auto Repair

From humble beginnings in a small one-garage shop in Alhambra to a spacious service center in Rancho Cucamonga, there's a reason why Kim was able to grow his business and gain the favor of so many loyal customers.

Kim founded his business on the principles of quality, value, and trust. What this means is that we offer you the best prices for the best services with the utmost integrity.

These are simply words if it weren't for the fact that we've been living them out for the past 27 years. Come and experience better at Kim's Auto Repair. We'll match any advertised price so give us a call today (smog check excluded).

  Fully managed from start to finish
  Our work stands the test of time
  Experienced Technicians & Friendly Atmosphere

Picture of D. Kim-

D. Kim-


Born in South Korea, Kim immigrated to the states for the promise of a better life. Sadly, that promise landed him in a janitorial role in a local auto shop in Los Angeles as no other businesses were hiring. Kim was not deterred, however, as he was expecting a child very soon with his new bride and the need to provide for his family drove him to pursue more. He spent his days learning from the mechanics while he cleaned the shop and his nights with his head in a book in order to become a certified technician. He was eventually promoted as a mechanic and he quickly rose to the top through his skillful work with integrity. Moreover, he wasn't content with being a top mechanic because he felt he could offer more if he were in control of his own shop. He was able to prove this after he saved up enough to open up his very own in Alhambra. Thus, Kim's Auto Repair was founded in 1986.



Our Goals

We aim to continuously exceed the expectations of our client and to deliver quality auto repair services to the state of California.


Building long-term customer relationships founded on high quality performance is the cornerstone of our business. Why should you settle for anything less?


Our repair experts are fully trained and educated in providing a safe and friendly working environment. All employees have passed an extensive background check.